BTS Jin: “This Night”

BTS’s Jin reminds us of what makes BTS “BTS” in “This Night”

BTS songs made by the members themselves are the very best of BTS’s body of work. What I love about this group lies in the Soundcloud releases, the covers, the hidden tracks, the collaborations, the mixtapes and the more personal B-sides.

Released on Soundcloud as part of 2019 Festa celebrations, “This Night”, Jin’s latest solo – his first self composed effort – is everything that made me fall in love with BTS. Jin may not be BTS’s strongest singer (says who?), but he is certainly very good at expressing his emotions through his voice. “This Night” contains four distinct parts, with Jin’s voice getting higher in each. The lyrics describe the feeling of loneliness after you’ve lost a loved one. Jin says he wrote it while thinking of his “animal companions” that recently passed away. But the lyrics are universal, and applicable to a broader range of situations.

That endlessly transparent gaze,
The touch I got too used to,
The face that smiled at me,
Will I be never be able to see you again?

As Jin goes deeper into the song, and into his memories of his animal companies, the music builds up and his voice gets higher. I imagine his feelings are strongest near the end, when suddenly, the music drops off, and we’re back to where we began – a simple guitar and Jin’s voice, now in the distance as though he is aware this is only a memory. Of a time that will never return.

When this night passes,
I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you.
When this night passes,
I’m afraid I will be left all alone

I find it hard to describe what this song made me feel. Satisfied? Full? Sad? Or is it perhaps a mixture of these many emotions. I was a little disappointed with “Map Of The Soul: Persona”. My expectations were too high. It is an exceptional album, but I wanted something more. With this, I am reassured. Bangtan are still the Bangtan I fell in love with.

Happy Festa, ARMY!

(Image via Dispatch, Lyrics via fan translations on twitter)

By payodhi

Lawyer by day, writer and Hallyu-fangirl by night, Rimi hopes to bring together her fascination with all things K-pop and K-drama, with her love of analytical writing. She can usually be found obsessing over the latest drama or comeback on her phone, while running in-between Courtrooms.

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