Five K-dramas to watch after Crash Landing on You

If you watched Crash Landing On You (CLOY) because Netflix pushed it to you relentlessly, and you ended up liking it and are now left with a CLOY-shaped hole in your heart, then here are five (mostly recent) dramas we suggest you can watch on Netflix or Viki. 


Start with something similar, which is guaranteed to satisfy you — Goblin, the lonely shining God. It is also on Netflix, has both great romance as well as compelling bromance, lots of longing and some crying, the strong hand of unmyeong or fate connecting our lead pair, a second couple you are equally invested in. If you Hyun Bin in CLOY stole your heart, watch this to find out what an immortal Gong Yoo does to you. Other viable options are Legend of the Blue Sea, and My love from the star.

Start Up

Now let’s change it up just a little bit. Watch Start-Up, with Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Seon Ho. This drama will entertain you, while also giving you a crash course on startup terminology. You’ll feel like you walked into a networking meetup in Bengaluru. The drama has a lot of heart, funny nerdiness, unrealistic dreams coming true, and a very very compelling second lead. See if you can recognise one of the comrades from CLOY in this Seoul drama. When you’re done with this and are craving for more Kim Seon Ho content, watch Youtube Videos of him in the KBS Variety show 2 days and 1 night.

Mr. Queen

Congratulations! You have now progressed enough to start a Sageuk – a Korean historical drama. I think it’s best to start with a fusion Sageuk which are historical dramas that incorporate modern or fantasy elements into their story. It’s lighter and more familiar, so a nice way to ease into the genre before you start watching the hardcore history ones. There are dozens of brilliant options in this category, but we suggest something side-splittingly funny that recently aired — Mr. Queen. You have to go to Viki to watch this one. It has everyone’s favourite conman from CLOY, Kim Jung-hyun, playing a King. This body-swap comedy historical drama is a perfect entertainer that has a compelling romance, great comedy, as well as a bit of political intrigue. However, though the drama seems to be queer-friendly, maximum efforts are made to show that it is not, bordering on homophobia.

Oh My Ghostess

Are you ready for something dark yet? We hope you are, because the next in line is Oh My Ghostess. Make sure you’re watching the Korean one when you look for it on Netflix. This is the right measure of dark and mysterious while being funny and endearing throughout. This is one ghost story that even those who don’t like horror movies will love. Great acting by Jo Jung Suk, Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi elevates this drama so much! Don’t blame us if you end up quitting your job to become a chef after watching this. 

Because This Life is My First

You must have had a rollercoaster till now. Let’s take a break from the extraordinary, and watch the soothing Because This Life is My First. Showcasing the anxieties and frustrations of being 30-something women, this not-so-romantic love story is sometimes better than the most famous romance dramas out there. It’s the most realistic rendition of the Kdrama contract marriage trope I’ve seen till now. The characters are lovable, the struggles are real and the great female friendship and wonderful soundtrack are a definite plus! Even if you’re going through an existential crisis, this drama will reassure you — it’s okay, because this is your first attempt at life. Assuming you don’t have any weird past life memories; if you do, there are a few dramas we have to recommend for that, too. But next time. 

Author: Nirupama

I am a communications professional and a podcaster. Champion of mental health and K-dramas.

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