Why this space?

Hello Hallyu is a project to take a deeper look at the phenomenon called Hallyu—the term describing the popularity of Korean entertainment and cultural products overseas. When did it start? How has it taken off? Who are the fans behind the now wild success of some of these, and what are their stories?

After years of being part of a niche subculture, the recent explosion of hallyu across India, made us ask ourselves in amazement how it got to where it did. This series is an attempt to answer this question for all those who are similarly puzzled at suddenly finding more than one friend changing their phone wallpaper to a Korean star’s photo, and startled to receive Annyeong’s instead of Hellos and Goodbyes. And for fans like us to better understand the movement we’re part of. 

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I started watching dramas in late 2016, and found myself getting entrenched in Hallyu fandom and studying its effects and the communities that sprung up around it ever since. I’m interested in technology, culture, and the business of Hallyu. I currently work full time in tech as a product manager and have previously reported on start-ups. In my free time I like to read fiction and learn languages. (Okay, whenever I’m not watching dramas, that is.)

I’m a development research and communication professional in Bengaluru, India, and eight years old in the Korean fandom world. I believe that years of immersing myself in Korean dramas — watching love, conflicts, grit and observing character developments — has made me a better person (not kidding). I co-run a podcast on career-related discussions in the social sciences space, and occasionally blog to get in touch with my feelings.