Hello Hallyu is a site for news, views and sharp analysis of all things Hallyu – from dramas, music, and movies to manhwa.


As two writers based in India who spent a considerable part of the last few years within K-entertainment fandoms, we began asking ourselves questions about our fascination (okay, fine, obsession) with Korean entertainment.

What do the hair-colour changes of a certain boy group mean and why did we once spend three hours dissecting them? What does it mean for our experience as fans when we rely on various unofficial third-party sources to understand our favourite artists’ work? Why are we so obsessed with Korean cultural products? Sure, K-pop isn’t all that deep – or is it? Where can we find out more from those within the industry, those who have context i-fans don’t?

And so Hello Hallyu was born, as a space to turn a critical eye towards the dramas, music, and movies we consume, and discuss the experiences of fans in global K-pop and K-drama communities.



Sadhana works full-time in tech and is a freelance journalist with previous experience in writing about technology and start-ups. She comes to the world of Korean entertainment always on the lookout for fun, and is fascinated with the business of Hallyu, and its use as soft power.


Lawyer by day, writer and Hallyu-fangirl by night, Rimi hopes to bring together her fascination with all things K-pop and K-drama, with her love of analytical writing. She can usually be found obsessing over the latest drama or comeback on her phone, while running in-between Courtrooms.